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CEPA - DESS magazine

During the month of December we distributed the DESS magazine to all CEPA San Francisco...

01 Dec 2017

The Live Library

On Friday, the 24th of November 2017, in the School Mihu Dragomir from Braila, Romania, took place the pedagogical...

24 Nov 2017

Second Training Session

Second training session for DESS teachers in CEPA San Francisco Calahorra...

17 Nov 2017

Recording the Conversational Guide

The Romanian team has started to work at the audio part of the conversational guide...

13 Nov 2017

Reading Club

Today, the 3rd of November the activity Reading Club took place in the school “Mihu Dragomir” from Braila....

03 Nov 2017

The Dess Seminar for Dess Teachers in Mihu Dgragomir School

On the 5th of October, in Romania it is usually celebrated the Education Day by different extracurricular activities.

05 Oct 2017