“Discovering the European Democratic / Cultural heritage”

11 Dec 2017

This work was carried out in the discipline of Integration Area, within the framework of the DESS Project - Democratic European Schools for Success, with the goal of disseminating to the school community, to other countries of the project and to the general public, the democratic and cultural heritage of our country and show that the joining of this diversity of European countries is the European heritage.


This work was carried out by the course of the Technician of Multimedia and Technician of Audiovisuals, pilot group of the DESS project.

The project of the discovery of the democratic and cultural heritage of europe, highlighting Portugal, presents clear advantages in the teaching-learning process. This work is an excellent form of student motivation and a more effective learning strategy, because it works within the scope of the significance, the value that the students attribute to the subject and its projection.

Project’s Goals:

• Increase students' interest in Europe’s democratic and cultural heritage.

• Know and preserve cultural heritage and strengthen national identity.

• Understanding the importance of memory and identity.

• Encourage respect for basic rules of organization and group performances.

• Promote the acquisition of responsible values and attitudes.

• Develop attitudes of respect and tolerance.

• Develop research and communication skills.

• Develop creativity and imagination.

• To promote the collaboration of the school community in carrying out educational activities.

• Promote a close connection between different school subjects.

• Contribute to the democratization of education and to the insertion and to motivation of students within the school reality.

During the process of this project was necessary to research, to film, to record in studio, to edit sound and image and . His execution gave everyone a lot of work and pleasure.